Wholesale Inquiry 

How Do I Become A X Bar Wholesaler?

Please contact us at info@xbarvape.com

What Is Your Wholesale Pricing?

Pricing is quantity specific. Please contact us at info@xbarvape.com.

How Can I Purchase Your Products?

By using the Wholesale Application or contacting us at info@xbarvape.com.

What Is The Best Way To Get More Information About Promoting X Bar?

Please email info@xbarvape.com.

General Inquiry

What is X Bar?

X Bar is a US based disposable vape distributor. All of our products are lab tested for quality and designed with the user in mind. We are advocates for a healthier tomorrow and do not condone any teen smoking. The X Bar guarantee is that our customers will experience satisfaction, safety, and longevity in all of our devices. 

What Is The Minimum Age To Purchase An X Bar?

21 years and older. Companies caught selling below this age will be banned from doing business with X Bar.

How Long Does An X Bar Box Typically Last?

This varies from user to user depending on the pull and how often it is used. X Bar has shown to outlast competition and averages 5000 puffs a unit*.

How Do I Know When My X Bar Box Is Empty?

The battery will still work but nothing will come from the device.

What Is The X Bar Warranty/Return Policy?

We guarantee all X Bar devices.