Teen Initiative

X bar mission:
We are committed to providing our customers with the best disposable e-cigarette devices provided. At X Bar we are intentional about upholding the X bar vape standard for quality. We ensure that all of our devices are throughly tested before our customers purchase.

X Bar is also dedicated to contributing a stop to youth smoking. We are a part of the “Teens No Smoking Initiative” and have the following policies in place:

1. Partner with retailers who do not sell to anybody under the age of 21 and have systems detecting.
2. Any retailers caught with a violation of selling our product to people under 21 will be stopped from buying product in the future. We implement the “1 strike rule”- if you are caught selling to someone under the age of 21 you are banned from buying products from us.
3. 0% teen smoking marketing.
4. Partner with organizations that help with prevention of smoking to teens.
5. Offer our lab tested disposable e-cigarette to consumers above the legal buying age.
6. Partner with new forward technology companies to check the IDs of customers.
7. Create the initiative of creating a safe vape with no harmful effect. 

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